Volunteer with the MatSu Food Bank

We could not operate without the many volunteers who generously give of their time to help food get distributed to those in need. If you are interested in volunteering once a week or more often please read the following:


After you have read the volunteer packet please print the following three documents, fill them out and bring them in to the pantry. Thank you!

Thinking of volunteering? Here are 10 great reasons to volunteer:

#10: It's good for you and your business.
#9:   It saves organization resources.
#8:   Volunteers gain professional experience.
#7:   It brings people together.
#6:   It promotes personal growth & self-esteem.
#5:   It strengthens your community.
#4:   You learn a lot.
#3:   You get a chance to give back.
#2:   It encourages civic responsibility.
#1:   You make a difference.

There is no down-side to volunteering.