Pick Click Give is Back!!

Each year, thanks to the Foraker Group, Alaskans have the opportunity to contribute a small amount of their PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend) to the local non profit of their choice. Applicants may choose to contribute to one or more organizations in $25 increments, up to the entire amount of the dividend. This wonderful program helps provide funds to a large list of non-profits across Alaska and Mat-SU Food Bank is not different! If you have already submitted your PFD application you can still add or change a pledge by following the below link, and selecting the green ‘Add or change your Pick.Click.Give. donation’ button.

It’s easy to help us with this great program by simply clicking this link https://pfd.alaska.gov/

If you’re not overly familiar with how it works, we have attached this graphic to help you through the process, but overall it’s pretty easy! Thanks for helping Mat-Su Food Bank and we hope you have an amazing 2019!