Rick CavenS


Stan Mitchell

Vice President


Stan Mitchell’s background is in Law Enforcement, ranging from undercover work in Texas to Fish and Wildlife enforcement with the Alaska State Troopers. Stan is a Vietnam era veteran who has worked for many years with Veterans in Alaska particularly during his time as State Commander of AMVETS. Stan has been on the MatSu Food Bank Board of Directors for several years, the last few as President of the Board until recently stepping down. Stan was a skydiving instructor during his time in the Army totally over 490 jumps in 22 different countries. He has resided in Alaska for the last 28 years.

Court Griffin


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Court Griffin is the owner of Count On LLC, an accounting, business consulting, and tax firm in Wasilla. Beyond his studies in years past to obtain an Accounting Degree and an MBA, he strives build the community and provide for his young family growing up here in the Valley. At the Mat-Su Food Bank Court is a board member and the Treasurer. He reviews and helps manage the financial direction of the food bank. Growing up in Fairbanks, spending time in Utah, and residing in Wasilla for several years, Court enjoys spending time with his family on outdoor adventures across the rivers and in the mountains.  Striving to find the balance between work and family is important, no one thinks back on life wishing they spent more time in the office.



Don Judd

Assistant Treasurer

Michelle studied at the University of Georgia and graduated in 2006. Passionate about outdoor recreation; Alaska was a natural fit for this Georgia Peach. In her free time Michelle loves to fish, hunt, go sailing and chase the northern lights. Michelle leads a 4-H club, she sits on other non-profit boards, and has a artsy talent that fullfills her need to create beautiful things.

The Sturgeon family has a vested interest in farming. They have 5 horses, chickens, ducks, goats, dogs and 1 Cat named Domino.  Michelle can often be found in a field next to livestock while chatting business on the phone and sending emails from her laptop.

Michelle Sturgeon

Board Member

Rylee Rudd

Board Member


Rylee Rudd is an Account Manager for Buzzbizz Creative, a Creative Agency that focuses on the needs of local businesses and non-profit organizations, and holds a degree in Merchandise Marketing from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, in Los Angeles, CA. Rylee has served as President of the MatSu Food Bank board and is heavily involved in the marketing planning and implementation process, and sits on the Fundraising Committee. When not hard at work, Rylee loves spending time with her daughter Emma at her cabin in Big Lake. She enjoys the sultry sounds of Stevie Nicks around a campfire surrounded by friends and family.


Board Member


Board Member